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Water Garden Landscaping Ideas

Water Garden Landscaping Ideas

Incorporating water into landscape just elevates the beauty of the place. There are several options to consider when you are planning to have a water garden which include tabletop fountains, waterfalls and ponds. Consider the following ideas based on the space you have.

A sloping stream

A stream can be decorated with materials of several colors. The outlining of a stream plays a crucial role in making it the focal point of any property. Plants and materials that are visually interesting can be used to line up the stream. Flat boulders can be placed to create an informal path and also to edge the stream.

Dressed-Up Fountain

To create a traditional look, any water feature can be set up in a sloping corner. To make the fountain appear elegant and formal, geometric paved landing and stone steps can be incorporated. The water edges can be softened with the use of overflowing urns.

Fountain Focus

Having a pretty water feature can brighten up any yard space. The fountain elegance can be complemented with the use of intricate trelliswork. To soften the edges of the landscape, gentle curves at the fountain edge can be considered. Having caladium and begonias that love shade near the fountain can elevate the look of your water garden considerably.


Having an expansive pond makes your landscape appear restful. You can place a chair, table and bench near your lily pond. You can consider having an arched bridge in your water garden. Lighting can be included to complement your landscape. You can as well place lanterns across the bridge.