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How to use garden sculptures in a creative manner?

How to use garden sculptures in a creative manner?

Garden sculptures certainly add to the looks of any garden. How you place them plays a key role in them creating a statement. Here are some tips with which you can use your garden sculptures in a much creative form.

  1. Increase the visibility of sculptures by elevating them to the eye level

You can combine a heavenly angel with some classical sculpture to make the landscape appear more meaningful. You can set the sculpture on a tall pedestal. The coloring of the base can set a contrast and make the entire place look dreamy.

  1. Add to formal landscaping with the use of garden sculptures

You can artistic versions of the pets you adore or you can place whimsical sculptures near a pond in your garden to make the space appear livelier.

  1. Use well known landscape elements and convert them into sculptural forms

Carved stone lanterns were used to light ancient Japanese tea gardens. Candles and oil lamps can be placed in these to add a dreamy touch to the garden.

  1. Position antique figures or rare arts into spaces where these can be visible to the visitors

You can make use of antique Chinese sculptures or their replicas to create the focal points of your garden. You can give a subtle touch of Asian style to your garden to impart it a unique look. These can be done in condominium patios or urban yards that are spatially challenged.

You can use garden sculptures in the most creative forms you can to decorate your garden.