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Roof Garden Ideas

Roof Garden Ideas

Roof garden, as the name suggests, is basically a garden on the roof of house or a building. It is one of the best alternatives of an actual garden. If your house is small and there is no garden in the outer areas, the roof garden will get the job done for you. There are so many people who also go for a roof garden as it is something unique, beautiful and exciting. Below mentioned are some roof garden ideas.

Populated garden:

As the name suggests, you can have so many plants and flowers and a small walkway in between. You can have a sitting area in the middle or at the corner of the roof. It all depends upon you. Make sure that you plant the best flowers and the color combination should be perfect.

Table top garden:

Create a beautiful centerpiece. It will look amazing and superb. You can go for any plants at the sides of the room. Don’t forget to pick the most appropriate lightning. It will look amazing.

Make some towers:

You can also make some vertical towers. There will be plants and lights around the tower. The tower needs to be placed at the sides of the garden. It will give a soothing feeling especially at night.

Use mirrors:

You can also use mirrors to make it look bigger and exciting. It will look amazing. If there are kids in your house, it may not be a good idea. Otherwise, it will work perfectly.