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Things you need to know about neutral rugs

Things you need to know about neutral rugs

Neutral shades include white, ivory, beige, grey and creamy off whites. A neutral theme gives bright look to the space. Neutral colors are great reflectors of light thus they are really well at opening up spaces and dark narrow spaces. Neutral colors can be incorporated in any accessory to create the warmth and welcoming feature.

Neutral rugs

Freedom of maneuvering neutral palette can supply you enormous options. Neutral rugs can transform your floors into eclectic piece of aesthetics. Neutral rugs are really well in complementing any style of theme. Contemporary, country, modern, traditional and transitional themes can be well established with neutral rugs. If you are investing in some premium quality imported neutral rugs trust me that you are investing in sound investment. You can play with colors in other accessories and fixtures and you will be amazed that neutral rugs sufficiently complement each tone.

You can place rugs in different sizes and shapes. However it is suggested by designers to leave equidistant space from all sides. The spacing gap between wall and rug should be at least 6inches with no more than 2 feet. Your rug should cover at least front legs of furniture. Shape of rug can also aid visual dimension of your room. Adding a curvy rug will work for smaller space. Also neutrality of tone will further elongate to the room. If you place transparent glass furniture on neutral rug the combo will be a wow factor for your entire living space.

Neutral wall colors

Neutral wall colors enrich living areas with much purity and serenity but this theme can be subtle and boring for fun loving people and teenagers. You can maintain neutral palette however a featured wall with texture or accent walls can be introduced. Keep all walls in low shade but splashing one wall with vibrant colors will not only boost the ambience it will bring vivacity and charm to the place.

Neutral curtains

Dressing windows with neutral curtains will allow sufficient sunrays to pass through however you can electrify neutral curtains by hanging some contrasting shade curtains with it. Adding embellishments with different sparkling color will enhance the glamour by manifold. Although neutral colors are the epitome and symbol of sophistication adding a little color can spruce up the sparkling effect of decency. Adding long curtains from ceiling to flooring is another technique to give an elongated view to space.