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Unique interiors with traditional rug

Unique interiors with traditional rug

Carpets and rugs are considered as the elegance of any interior décor. Whatever be the style of furniture its beauty can only be enriched if a traditional rug is placed in that room. Rugs are the means of enhancing the area of the place where these are placed. Moreover, they bring coziness to the place where these are placed.

There is a large variety of rugs and carpets available in the market and selection of the best rug becomes quite difficult. But it is always suggested by the interior designers that traditional rug is the best source to give value to a place. These are also called oriental rugs because they have a capability of transforming the orientation of a place from dull to precious looking. Here are given some of the most popular styles in the traditional rug,



This luxurious traditional rug is famous for its soft pile and typical large style. The origin of these rugs is the village of Aubusson in central France. These rugs are designed with soft colors like dusky rose and Aubusson blue. These are crafted with floral designs and painterly prints,


As the name shows the main area of origin of this traditional rug is Afghanistan and also belongs to certain areas of central Asia like Pakistan. The sizes of these kind of rugs are different and are have mostly the gold or bronze color background with 5-8 repeated colors. The designs are stylish and stretches over the entire length of the rug.


This traditional rug is the specialty of Pakistan and are famous for their antique features, gold and ivory tone and a patterned with different shade of a single color throughout the rug. Along with floral motifs the border designs are also the beauty of this style of rug.


Gabbeh is a Persian language word which means ‘raw or natural’. This traditional rug is the key production of south west Iran and it is designed with the Persian rug style. The sizes of these rugs may vary from medium to large and the patterns follow the stripe or geometric design. About 5-7 bright shades are used to design this carpet.


This kind of traditional rug has the origin from northwest Azerbaijan and are usually woven in Afghanistan and Armenia. Mostly indigo, red and gold shades are found in the designs made under this style. This kind of rug bear animal motifs, floral designs and tribal medallions.