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Dos and don’ts of carpet fitting

Dos and don’ts of carpet fitting


Carpet is amongst one of the most popular flooring choices for households in the US and rightly so. Carpets are much cheaper than other flooring options like wooden or laminated floors. In addition to that, carpets naturally keep the house warm by insulating the cold. That’s why you will houses in the cold climate prefer carpets when installing a floor. However, carpets could cause allergies and breathing problems as they tend to absorb the dust particles in the air. Secondly, carpets are difficult to clean if any liquid spill on it. However, if you have decided on installing a carpet, then you should consider these things during the carpet fitting process.

What you should Do

These do’s that you should keep in mind when installing a new carpet.

Before installing the carpet, it is necessary to get the floor ready so for that, you’ll have to put the underpad down in strips and butt the strips against each other.

To hold the pad firmly in its place some glue should be used to make it steady.

Now that your floor is ready it’s time to roll on the carpet. If you are using two carpets, then make sure they don’t overlap each other by cutting the extra bits.

Use a knee kicker along the edges of the carpet so that the carpet stays firmly in its place and doesn’t come out.

Take a knife or a blade and trim the carpet along the edges or near the walls so that it looks seamless and attractive overall.

That’s your almost done! You just have to place the furniture in the room and Tadaa. You’re ready to go

Take a deep breath and pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

What you shouldn’t Do:

During the carpet fitting it is important to keep these things in mind and strictly avoid them:

Don’t use an existing underlay from the previous carpets.

Don’t overlap the butt strips

Don’t have any liquid drinks as you don’t want to spill them on your new carpet.


These are the do’s and don’ts that you should strictly adhere to when fitting a new carpet in your room or house. Following these steps will only help you in properly laying the carpet and will ensure that it will last for a long period..