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What to do and not to do when buying a
blue area rug

What to do and not to do when buying a blue area rug

Area rugs are the best substitutes to the wall to wall carpets because unlike fitted carpets they can be conveniently removed and cleaned anytime you desire. You can easily change the shape or design of the carpet and change the color when you desire. You must be wondering why we are discussing Blue Area Rugs, Well the answer is quite simple. The color blue is unique in a sense because it will look good by contrasting and matching any color in your house, so you don’t have to worry about buying a specific color to match your walls. However, before buying an area rug, you need to consider the following things as they will ensure that you end up with the best area rug.

1.  Don’t Compromise on Size:

First things first, never compromise on size. Don’t buy cheap area rugs that will only end up being small and will be a complete misfit who will turn you into a laughing stock.

2.  Protect the Areas:

Safeguard the areas that get most foot traffic daily. You wouldn’t want one foot on the rug and the other one on it.

3.  Value your Investment:

Don’t just buy an expensive area rug and place it where the chances of liquid spilling or trip-ups are high. This will damage the rug, and you will end up having wasted your money.

4.  Careful Cleaning:

Look at the material the rug is made up of before cleaning. Some materials need to be cleaned in a specific manner with specific chemicals, and if you don’t know the material of your rug, chances are pretty high you will end up damaging your rug.

5.  Don’t Stick to One Color:

Don’t just stick with one color. Area rugs are relatively inexpensive, and if you feel that you are tired of the watching the same color, again and again, you should buy another color. Time to dispose of that Blue Area Rug that your mom gifted to you on the birth of your first baby!

These steps should be religiously followed if you are in a mood of buying a new area rug. However, in the end, what matters is that you are pleased with your rug and find happiness every time you look at it. For that, all of these steps are immaterial but even then by following these steps you can significantly increase the life of your area rug.