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Bathroom Cupboards for a Designer  Bathroom

Bathroom Cupboards for a Designer  Bathroom

Bathroom, today appears to be the most relaxing place in the house. So whether you want to install a new bathroom or redesign an existing one you have to study the different types of bathroom designs that are available to choose from and accordingly start setting aside the budget.  Now to set up bathroom  cupboards a lot of trends are followed. One such trend is a cupboard with legs and open shelves where all the personal care items and towels are showcased. Vintage dressers are also placed in bathrooms as vanities.

Different Types of Bathroom Cupboards

As one of the most used rooms in the house bathroom should be stylish and practical. There is wide range of bathroom cupboards that are available combining design with functionality to help you make your choice. Bathroom cupboard with mirror solves two useful functions. There is storage space for linen and a mirror. The mirror does not only fulfill its traditional custom but also adds space and light to the bathroom. Illuminated bathroom cupboards are very useful acting as extra wall lights and should be placed where light is required. Should you opt for bathroom wall cupboards they are space saving and help in easy accessibility of items stored there.

Bathroom Cupboards to give your bathroom added attraction

Bathroom cupboards should be designed or custom made depending on the space available in the  bathroom. There are so many designs available so check on the space and get it installed using a designer to check on the installation of electrical and water outlets so you do not face any problems later.