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Make your own style statement with vintage furniture

Make your own style statement with vintage furniture

The term ‘Vintage Furniture’ should not be confused with antique furniture.  The term vintage basically refers to a particular period, so vintage furniture refers to a time period when this particular style of furniture was manufactured. Furniture that is around 30 – 100 years old can be referred to as vintage while antique furniture is supposed to be over 100 years old.

The popularity of vintage furniture today is due to various reasons. Firstly it will give a distinctive look to your house that can recreate a particular era which you are romantic about. You can select pieces of furniture belonging to different decades and merge them creatively in your own style.

Budget will not be a problem since good quality vintage pieces will be definitely cheaper than buying new furniture and at the same time you will be getting good quality wood. You are being earth friendly if you go for vintage furniture, as the furniture coming to your house will not have toxic finishes and will not have the unpleasant odors of glues and polishes.

It can be fun if you go shopping for vintage items from garage sales and estate sales or from auction houses. Due to increasing demand of vintage furniture many stores are selling such items. There are many online sources where you can sometimes get such pieces that you would love to decorate your home with and also gives your house a great look.

But one thing should be kept in mind while shopping for vintage furniture, go for good quality and sturdy items. You could buy individual pieces to repurpose your furniture that will work well together and in this way show your own unique style.