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Advantages of bed linen

Advantages of bed linen

Bed linen is core to the modern lifestyle today. It is as important to us as water. The significance of bed linen can be seen by the fact that they are a part of our daily lives. Bed linen provides us the comfort that we need so much when we need to relax or sleep. They also act as insulators and contribute to the comfort.

Bed linen is of two types, namely, fitted sheet and flat sheet. Fitted sheet has all four of its corners sewn with elastic. The flat sheets are only pieces of cloth that go on top of the mattress.


Cotton sheets’ quality depends on the type of cotton used to make them. The quality is not the only thing to be considered, the length of cotton is also of importance. The thread count makes the cotton better and thus makes a better bed linen. The cotton sheets are luxurious, soft and do not make the environment stuffy.

Flannel sheets do very well in the winters. They are a blend of cotton and wool and provide the warmth needed to keep us comfortable. Satin sheets are very comfortable in the summer. They are light, cool and make it easy to handle the heat.

What to do?

You must keep in mind that the bed sheets that you buy have to be according to the mattress size. Also keep in mind that you should have a different type of bed linen for every season.