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Small Bathroom Ideas for our House

Small Bathroom Ideas for our House

Small bathroom ideas are essential when there is space constraint. But these small bathrooms can be so designed to give the impression of maximum space. Using mirrors at the right angles the space can be enhanced. Using attractive patterns, light colors schemes and somber hues the bathroom can be designed to be an attractive place you will like to visit. Vanity is the one piece of furniture in the bathroom which should be chosen with utmost care to give the bathroom the designer look. The open vanity can accommodate the towels in open shelves giving warmth to the place. This will prevent unnecessary fixtures from crowding the place.

How to make the small bathroom functional?

Small bathroom ideas should centre around making it functional and elegant. Place a hamper under the sink for laundry. Personal care products can be placed on a shelf. Swabs and cotton balls cab be accommodated in jars and placed on floating shelves. Wooden shelves can be drilled into the wall for storage and stackable baskets can be placed above washer and drier units. Sink should be skirted  and cleaning material placed  behind.

How Color can give your bathroom a designer look?

When painting the bathroom use neutral colors to give it a very soothing appearance. Creativity and depth can be enhanced by using textures and patterns in neutral tones. Preferably white color is ideal for a bathroom to give it a clean and refreshing look. A stylish soap tray and accessories will give added glamour. Soft white towels can enhance the look.