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Facts to know about handmade rugs

Facts to know about handmade rugs

Those who are looking for handmade rugs these days need to spend a pretty penny for the same as these are usually priced higher as they involve the craftsmanship of a weaver. At one time the rugs used to be hand woven and were the only kinds available in this market segment. Since the time textile industry has incorporated weaving machines and mass production techniques, there are different kinds of rugs that are available in the market. However, many people still have a fancy for handmade carpets as they wish to invest in unique home accessories for the interior décor.

Different types of handmade carpets

Those who are looking at handmade rugs can find different designs to choose from. The handmade methods lead to rugs that are either knotted, braided or woven by hand. The techniques by which the rugs are created by hand are several. Different colored threads are used to create the rugs by hand. Often the fibers are knotted together or they are woven in distinct patterns in order to create distinct design on the rugs. In many knotty rug designs the yarn pieces are knotted separately for which the rug creation becomes a time consuming process. Woven rugs are another form of handmade creations which can be made from different materials as well as developed with different textures. There are braided rugs that one can look at which use rag pieces of cloth and variations and imperfections that are part of these rug designs.

Traditional designs

The craftsmanship differs in different communities and is a reflection of the handiwork of a culture or community. For that reason, many people opt to get a rug from a certain country or region they visit as it becomes a symbol of the kind of handiwork that the area is famous for. For these reasons, handmade rugs have a different glamour of their own though the cost of these rugs is much more than the rugs that are mass produced and machine made.

Innovative hand crafted rugs

Today there are innovative ways that rugs are being made in different places around the world that can be sourced online. Many people use different techniques and textures to create unique handmade rugs. These are advertised online and people often source from the creators directly. That makes these rugs less expensive than buying from the stores as well as gives the artists an opportunity to showcase their handiwork. Many rugs are designed for ornamental purpose and are usually used as wall hangings or preserved as portraits in framed forms. These and more can be bought from different online stores which make it easier to source different kinds of hand crafted rugs.