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Get a sofa cum bed to give you a service

Get a sofa cum bed to give you a service

When you have a sofa and a bed in one, then your sleeping and seating needs is well taken care of. A sofa cum bed is a sofa that serves that need. It is a sofa that you unfold to give you a bed version for night sleep. They are convertible and as well as transformable sofas that you’ll find a lot of use for in your living room or apartment room.

Frames and design

Sofa cum beds are made of both wooden and metal frames depending on the type of design. Metal frames are more in designs because of the flexibility of metals in some mechanisms such as clipping and twisting movements which may be seemingly impossible with metals. A mix of wood for some parts and metals for some others is, however, common. Hardwood such as oak, mahogany and maple are employed with metals such as steel and other iron grades.

Finishes and forms

As seen with some contemporary sofa cum beds, the seating sofa has  a different cushion overlay from the bed. in some, the bed form is embedded with a separate mattress for sleeping. The sofa form is a regular sofa design, in fact, it would be hard to figure out if you were seating on a sofa bed in the first place. The transformation is simply awesome. You can have the finishes in different fabrics of plain or patterned textures in beautiful colors and styles.

How sofa cum bed serves you

You get a dual service from a sofa cum bed. you seat on it during the day and sleep on it in the night.

It saves you room space for other items since you may not go to a regular bed if you’re in an apartment room.

You can convert it to a bed in the night for your guest right there in the living room, taking care of the need for a guest room.