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Some information about western rugs

Some information about western rugs

Western rugs are trending these days. You will find rugs stores swarmed with unlimited styles and designs of western rugs. Even online stores will provide you countless offers. Below is some information which will be helpful for all those who are planning for western rugs.

Technology used in western rugs

Western rugs incorporate the latest weaving technology. This technique infuses synthetic fibers for manufacturing. This latest technology attributes certain specific features like reminiscent look of woven rugs, resistibility to stains and fading, low humidity and moisture absorption rate. However western rugs are also categorized as high quality, medium quality according to their pricing and consequently their attributing characteristics may also differ.

Other techniques of manufacturing rugs include hand knotted rugs which is the gold ranking of rugs. The more the number of knots per square area more the quality is fine. It is durable and long lasting but expensive too. Hand tufted rugs means that some weaving process is done by machines and some is done by human hand.

Some trending designs of western rugs

Some trending western rugs design are speckled cowhide rug, Texas lone star rug, Cheyenne rug, Brindle cowhide rug, wedding ring hooked rug and star stripped rug. This star and stripped rug is very demanding in US as it symbolizes US flag.

Introducing cowboy theme with western rugs

If you are planning for revamping your boy’s room and your boy is a wild life lover then cowboy western rugs will definitely a must go element for the room. Wild mountain rug, horse area rug, cowboy campfire rug and cowboy midnight rug are few of many available cowboy theme rugs. You can add feature walls to enhance the effect. Ceiling murals with open air and wild life design and introducing accent walls will not only complement each other but also creates a charming wild effect in overall room.

Cowboy theme curtains can be an add-on to overall ambience. To electrify the surroundings more lighting can be play a substantial role in bringing the real feel out. Wall sconces, pendant lights and track lights can establish a visually aesthetic look. You can experiment with patterns of lighting such as down lighting and side lighting to magnify the worth of western rugs. Placing western rugs in circular shape will not only give it central attention but it will also make up any deficiencies regarding embellishments and decorating accessories.