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Creating the lighteing environmemt with
lighting design

Creating the lighteing environmemt with lighting design

The considerable amount of light, consumption of energy and aesthetic impact of the lighting system is supplied to require a comprehensive lighting design.  The buildings like Sports clubs and playgrounds, surgical centres have the key requirement of having a Lighting Design.

On the other hand the ordinary buildings like warehouses and office buildings prefer saving energy and money. Some buildings like Casino, hotels, restaurants, prefer enhancing outlook and appearance to attract more customers, hence their requirement is decorative lights.

All these options are included in the architectural design of the building. But the designers make sure that they create a perfect balance of luminaire Photometrics and the artistic application of the lights for creation of a perfect environment. The lighting Designers also make sure that the electric lighting system gets perfectly integrated with the daylight system.

There are a few fundamental aspects that are kept in mind in illumination of the spaces and buildings while designing in the lighting design by the architectures. The first and the most important thing is the aesthetic appeal of the building, the environment that is intended to be created in the building.

The second thought needs to be the ergonomic aspect of it, which decides the function of the light has to play in the building. Last but not the least is the energy efficiency, noticing that the wastage of energy is avoided to its maximum, either by using the daylight or by making the vacant spaces. The lighting designer when starts working in a building looks into these details on priority basis.