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Tips on caring for your chandeliers

Tips on caring for your chandeliers

A chandelier is a very decorative piece to have on your ceiling for lighting. It will add more light as well as style to your room. Proper care for the chandelier will ensure that you get the light as brilliantly as you did when you first bought it as well as maintain its brand new sparkle.

How you care for your chandelier will depend on the material of your chandelier, but general care tips are also useful, no matter the material.

-It is ideal to have your chandelier cleaned every once a year. Depending on the area where you live, you might even consider cleaning your chandelier more than once annually. You can add dusting in between the clean up to remove any loose dust particles from your chandelier. Take caution to never do the cleaning with the power on.

-You should also use the proper cleaning solutions for your chandelier. Crystal chandeliers have a special cleaning solution which should be used. Other types of chandeliers should be cleaned with the most appropriate solutions for their material.

-Light cleaning can be done in between the thorough cleaning. Do this by using two microfiber clothes. One should be dipped in the cleaning solution to wipe away the dirt or dust, and the other to dry the chandelier. It is highly recommended not to place the crystals of a crystal chandelier in a dishwasher. Most importantly, regularly check on your chandelier and do any necessary repairs on damages.