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Contemporary laminating flooring trends

Contemporary laminating flooring trends

In the recent past, Laminating floors have proven to be more than able substitutes to the traditional hardwood floors. Nowadays, an increasing number of households in the US are opting for laminated floors because they are much cheaper than hardwood floors and easier to maintain and clean. In addition to that, since they aren’t made of real wood insects and termites won’t be a problem. This means that these floors will be durable and last longer than other surfaces. Another plus point with these floors is that are environment-friendly as no tree is chopped down to make them. Since these floors are pretty trendy and everyone does want the latest fashion so therefore, in this article, I will highlight the latest trends and fashions in laminate floors that are bound to give your house a modern and unique look.

Latest Trends and Styles:

Let’s have a look at the most popular laminating flooring trends these days:


An increasing number of households and manufacturers are opting for larger planks. The sole purpose of this is to simulate real wood and make the experience as original as possible.


A new trend that has emerged off-late has been to laminate the walls. I like this one as it surely does increase the aesthetics of your house and will significantly improve its beauty.


Most people are buying laminated floors that have a high glossy finish. This glossy finish gives your house a premium look and is a luxurious feature to have if you’re operating on a tight budget.


If you are not satisfied with the glossy finish and feel that it cause slips and accidents then you will be pleased to know that laminated floors with a cement floor like look are the new trend. Your floor will look like a normal cement floor, but it will have all the safety and practical advantages of a laminated floor.


Forget black, dark or walnut laminated floors. Gray laminated floors seem to be the new trend and, to be honest; they do look good particularly if you have light colored paint in your house.

These are the latest trends and fashions that are dominating the laminate flooring consumers. However, the best trend for you is the one that fully satisfies your heart but if you don’t have the mind or heart to think about a new idea you should follow one of the trends as mentioned above.