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Buying the perfect rugs and runners

Buying the perfect rugs and runners

Rug Runners are those rectangle shaped rugs that are usually placed on the entrance or in the hallways. These runners are important because they act like a red carpet, and every time you walk on it you will feel like a celebrity who is about to win a golden globe.

While they enhance the beauty of you home, they will also prevent any slips or damage to the floor in areas where the foot traffic is the highest. These rugs are also very compact and can be easily transferred from one place to another and make for a great gift for someone who loves interior designing. In this article, I will be aiming to tell you about the qualities of a good rug runner that will blend in perfectly with your home and lifestyle.

Finding the Perfect Rug Runner:

Numerous factors need to be considered if you want to buy the rug runner that is best suited to your need:


First and foremost, whenever you’re buying a new rugs & runners always look at the price. Obviously, a high price runner will be of high quality whereas the low-priced will be of poor quality. However, this is not always the case. Watch out for deals that local carpet dealers periodically offer, you can get the best product there at a bargain price.


The frequency of traffic should be a determinant in deciding what type of rug runner you need. If you know that the area will receive high traffic you should opt for handmade rugs as they are usually durable and last for a long period. However, If your area is subjective to very low foot traffic you should buy a premium rug runner that is made of silk as it will be of high quality and grab the attention of guests.


When buying a rug runner always have a good idea of the dimension of the room and buy the one that fits best with your room. If it is a narrow hallway, it won’t be a good idea to buy a wide rugs and runners as it will be a complete misfit.

In the end, It is recommended to buy that rug that will suit your personality and when buying does consider the factors mentioned above as they will guide you the best rug runner in town.