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Guide to buying a dining room table

Guide to buying a dining room table

A dining room table is a piece of furniture that should be bought just as seriously as any other piece of furniture in the home. Furniture is an investment, and getting the right dining room table will prove to be a good investment in the long run.

The size of the dining room table will determine how many people it will accommodate in a sitting. When thinking of the size, make sure to leave an allowance for people to sit as well as easily leave the table. It should also allow for walking in if someone were to serve the people. The shape of the table will also depend on the size of the room. Round tables are good for small rooms, while rectangular ones are good for larger rooms.

Check to see that the table has the most suitable finish for you. Glass finishing is not ideal in homes with little children and high traffic. Sheen gloss and dark stains can show any nicks very easily, while light stain wood finishes are much better at hiding any defects. The defects are not just knife and scratch defects, but also the rings formed when mugs and cups are placed on bare tables.

Most importantly, your dining room table should work well with the dining chairs you plan to buy, or have. This includes the table height from the chairs as well as whether the chairs’ arms fit well under the table. In some cases, you may be buying the table together with provided chairs, but if not, be sure to check that everything works well together.