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Illumination using Contemporary

Illumination using Contemporary chandeliers

Chandeliers are gorgeous light fixtures that are hung from the ceiling. It is believed to be used ever since the 18th century. It was then made by placing two wooden sticks that can hold candles in cross. Now that design is improved and is made using metals like steel, glass or wood, glass crystals etc. They can be placed in living rooms, dining rooms or even bedrooms for decorate purposes and it can be functional as well. There are different types of chandeliers like antique, modern, crystal, Victorian and many more. Chandeliers come in all sizes, different designs and colors.

Modern chandeliers

Contemporary chandeliers are stylish and trendy than it is functional. There are many experimental designs in chandeliers to make it even more stylish. Contemporary chandeliers doesn’t follow the traditional design of chandeliers that is a ring holding candles or bulbs hung from the top using strings of other metals. They follow unconventional designs like that of a tree hanging from the top and the branches holds the bulbs. They come in many different sizes to suit the space of the room. It also comes in many different colors to match the colors of the furnishing and the color of the wall. Contemporary chandeliers are to be used if the rest of the furnishing of your house is modern. There are other contemporary designs which are simple, like just a few bulbs hanging down in strings or even small tube lights. There is again a type where bulbs are placed inside glass cases made in form wine bottles and hung from the ceiling.