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Porch Lights Buying Guide

Porch Lights Buying Guide

Porch lights are essential lighting that you need to have at the front of your home not only for the appeal they add but also for added security. Regardless of whichever you choose, there are very important factors you need to consider when you set out shopping for the same.


Choosing the right type of fixture is key to having highly functional porch lighting. Choose a type depending on your porch’s overall style. For instance, settle for a brass porch light just in case you have a wall of bricks. This is because brass is shiny and will help enhance light intensity. Other options you may consider include lanterns, pendants and cones. It is also a good idea to settle for ceiling-mountable fixtures in case your porch serves as a sitting area.


The choice of bulb wattage should be informed by how large or small your porch is. Lighting a large porch requires that you not only choose wattage of over 60 watts; you also need to have it installed higher up to light the large area. You have the option of settling for bulbs with low wattage in case yours is a small porch.


It is important that you do not restrict yourself to lighting your porch. It is of great benefit to include in your porch lights the element of security. You therefore need to incorporate sensor lighting to alert you whenever someone is at your door.


The height at which you have your porch light fixtures installed depends on size of the porch and whether or not it serves as a sitting area. It may therefore be necessary to seek services of a professional to undertake the installation.