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The cost effective wood laminates against
modern materials

The cost effective wood laminates against modern materials

Historically, wood laminates flooring is scrutinized for its plastic and unnatural look. These floors have been in the market from the early 80s, for its versatility. Since the technology intervention on laminated flooring, they become more realistic than ever and give a tough fight to real wood flooring materials.

Especially the introduction of wood laminates made it possible for every household looks unique on their interior decor. If you’re an American, you must come across the westhollow wood laminates at various households and residential properties. Furthermore, property owners more fond of these floors due to their cost-effectiveness and not compromise on the quality of the floor.

Why it’s unique?

At present, it is possible to add real wood into finished laminated flooring up to 90 percentages. This wood laminates as good as contemporary real wood flooring with very low- cost. At first look, no one able to distinguish between what is laminated and what is wood? Moreover, you can feel like wood as you walk through this wood laminates.

What is the cost?

Lots of people thinking that wood laminates are expensive due to 90 percentage of wood in it. It’s not true. For instance, if a wood cost you $10 per square foot, the wood laminates approximate cost $3. Imagine that how much it makes the difference in your budget if you going to put 10000 square feet real wood on the floor.


Versatility – Whether you looking for contemporary designs or traditional design or a fusion, wood laminates offer all kinds of options. Besides, it has plenty of color choices to pick your taste. You can go for a plain, check board design, or whatever design you want to be.

Easy to fix – Certain basic lamination tools are enough to fix the wood laminates by own hand. You neither need an experience nor professional. You can fix it in a weekend. Furthermore, you no need of the assistance to do even repair works. You have to good at one subject that is measuring the floor. After took the measurement, cut the exact size and just roll it over an existing floor or tile. Wood laminates offer more durability than contemporary laminates materials.

Endurance Endurance or durability is important in floor materials. It’s a good option for heavy traffic areas and free from stains and multiple scratches. Make sure that the wood laminates are free from holes.

Home means to peace and love. It’s important how you feel when you step into the house. Wood laminates make you sense freshness every time step into the home.