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Cons of a hardwood laminate flooring

Cons of a hardwood laminate flooring

There is no shadow of doubt that hardwood floors are extremely durable and give your house that luxurious feel and look. In addition to that, they look extremely beautiful and enhance the overall beauty of the house. However, wooden floors are expensive and not many people can afford it.

Hence, many opt for hardwood laminate floors that are cheaper than wood and looks the same as wood. These floors are also easy to install and don’t require any professional services plus they also need very less cleaning and as a result, they contribute to making the hardwood laminate floors more economical. However, there any many shortcomings in laminate floors and this article we will have a brief look at them.


Following are the disadvantages of a hardwood laminate floor:

-First and foremost, laminate floors are completely unnatural. You will feel that it is artificial when you hear the sound they make when you walk on it. These floors make a hollow sound whenever someone sets foot on it; this makes it completely fake. In addition to that, when you feel the material with you bare hands it will feel unnatural, and the illusion of reality will be no more.

-There have been some reservations by environmentalist that the materials used in the laminating process can release dangerous chemicals that may negatively affect the air of the room and cause potential health problems.

-One major drawback of laminated floors is that you can’t refinish them. If the floor wears down or scratches appear on the surface, the entire surface will have to be replaced. This may prove costly to some, sometimes even expensive than hardwood floors.

-Another major cause for concern relating to hardwood laminate floors is that they aren’t as durable and won’t last for a longer period. This is because of the substandard quality and material which results in floors getting scratches and succumbing to everyday wear and tear.

Need to know

I have mentioned the main disadvantages or shortcomings that come with installing a hardwood laminate floor. However, their affordability makes it a popular flooring choice for middle-class families who operate on a fixed budget but if your budget is not a problem then it is recommended to go for original hardwood floors as they will last for a long time and are completely natural.