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Design ideas for your home

Design ideas for your home

Tired of having the same old home decor theme and wish to give your home a facelift? Renovating your home can be done even on a small budget by following simple yet stylish design ideas from experienced home decor artists. A few of their tips are shared here.

-For your living room, you may try painting old pieces of furniture that are still in very good condition to a different color. It is much better to do this than to throw them away, or give them away. For furniture that is not well suited for your living room, you may think of giving it away to help declutter your home. Throwing in some cushions on the furniture can also give it a fresh new look.

-For the kitchen, consider changing the knobs and handles of the cabinets. You can pick any new modern hardware as replacement. You can also replace sink faucets, have the cabinets repainted as well as create new storage areas for your kitchenware. Consider updating your countertops for a whole new look.

-For the bathroom, it will be great to look at the walls for updating. Remove old wallpapers and replace them with either tiles or new paint, get wall cabinets that will create storage spaces, and also consider getting a new shower curtain that will match the theme of your bathroom.

-For the bedroom, it will be a good idea to first declutter the room. Next consider getting a very good piece of duvet, with pillow covers that match. This will give your bed a whole new look. Also change the mattress positions so that wears evenly as te years go by.