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How to make your room appear large with
oversized rugs

How to make your room appear large with oversized rugs

While small apartments may appear more practical and easy to decorate than the large ones, it’s sometimes good to trick your eye and those of visitors into believing that your room is large even when it’s small. Most of us prefer small to large ones because we do not want lots of hassles when it comes to maintenance and cleaning. Here are tricks that you can play with oversized rugs, so your room appears large and not tiny as it looks.

Lighten Up

Do not pick rugs that are too dark as they give the impression that your room is small. Get colors that are light as they give trick the eye into believing that the room is big. Make sure that the rugs you buy are oversized and have colors that will act as space expanders. It’s very simple, and experts say that it’s useful and the easiest way of enhancing a small area, so it looks big.

You do not need to redo the flooring. Just lighten it up with light colors and make sure that everything you use to cover it is giving the optical illusion you want to give. If you can get a large area rug, then things will be okay for you because it will give your room a few extra inches that you want.

Link Your Rooms

If you have rooms connected for instance, where a kitchen door opens to the living room, you can create the impression that your rooms are bigger by getting oversized rugs that cover and extend to all your rooms. By so doing, your eyes will be made to believe that the rooms are big and have a connection. To add to this trick, choose a furniture color that extends to the walls to visually widen your room. With this trick, you’ll indeed, make your room appear large when in the real sense is small.

Clear Walkways

Using oversized rugs does not mean that you cover up everywhere. Leaving the walkways clear will be a very easy way to create the impression that your room is big. Use beautiful rugs to cover different points but for the walkways, leave them to be clear. Covering everywhere makes the room look like it is congested.

With these tricks, you can make things better than before and add a few inches to your small room, so it looks bigger and spacious as you want.