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How to decorate your Bedroom through  bedroom vanity

How to decorate your Bedroom through bedroom vanity

Beautiful decorations are something, which always allures anyone’s attention, and when it comes to decorating your home and especially bedroom, you become more cautious and concern to give it an aesthetic look.

“Design is coming to grips with one’s real lifestyle, one’s real place in the world. Rooms should not be put together for show but to nourish one’s well-being.”

Interior decoration or styling your room is an art which is done creatively. It is not done instantly but it consumes your lot of time, effort and imagination. Designing involves birth of innovative, fresh and creative ideas which when implemented should be a feast to the eyes. Some people prefer to decorate their bedroom themselves or some hire interior designers to style their room.

The stages mentioned below should be followed in bedroom decoration to give a pleasing look to the room.

Ideation – there should be a careful inspection of the entire area covering the bedroom. Every nook and corner should be thoroughly analyzed like the size and the site of room, the bed, the drawers, the shelves etc. Ideas should be framed accordingly, keeping in mind the present scenario of the bedroom.

Execution of the Idea – After a proper study and planning of the room, various ideas should be put into action. Proper planning is of utmost importance or else it will lead to devastation of both the money and the look.

The first and the foremost thing to be taken care of is that whether the bedroom is being styled for couples, children or elderly people and then according to their taste and age planning of the things should be done.

Moving on to the bedroom vanity which plays a pivotal role in decorating the room comprises the Curtains, Furniture, Color of the Walls, Lights, Paintings, Decorative items and many more things which enhances a better appearance of the room.

  • The Curtains should be according to the color of the bedroom. People should change the curtains respective to the season to maintain the look of the room.
  • Furniture plays a key role in bedroom vanity. The type, color and size of the bed should be according to the room. There should be less of wooden and sharp stuffs in case of children and old age people. Proper alignment of dressing table, other tables if required, and couch should be made.
  • Color of the walls has an immense impact on the outlook of the bedroom. Color gives life to the room as it signifies life, vivacity, prosperity and peace. The preferred colors for children should be lively, for old age it should be soothing and peaceful and for couples it should be sensitive or romantic.
  • Light is something without which the room is incomplete. Use of exotic lights and lamps should be encouraged. It brings positivity so, the choice of lights should be eco friendly and stylish.
  • Painting, nowadays are preferred to give an artistic touch to the room. It depicts a creative ability of the generation. It can be a religious painting or any cartoon character or romantic places or nature related paintings etc. You can also make arts on the wall to create a peculiar and modern look.
  • Decorative Items add on to the look of the bedroom. It can be a framed photo, or a wind chime or any sort of things which can keep your memories alive and healthy.

There can be many novel things to beautify the bedroom because it all depends on the creative thinking of the person decorating the house and the requirement of the room. Bedroom decoration is equally tough, confusing and an exciting task to carry out because it is a place which is a reflection of your taste and personality. Bedroom should be designed and decorated in a manner which should apart from embellishing its beauty also bring peace, harmony and relaxation. It is the second base of architecture and since your pocket has to bear the expenses so, a careful and a creative planning and implementation of the ideas is required for the look to be admiring and pleasing to everyone.