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Selecting the best type of power
recliner  for your home

Selecting the best type of power recliner  for your home


A power recliner is totally similar to normal recliner apart from a single difference. Just like normal recliners, power recliner also has a very comfortable and well cushioned built that gives extreme pleasure to the person sitting on it. It also has a shape of a single sofa chair and as the name suggests it has the capability of reclining backwards making itself more comfortable and converting into a king sized cushioned mattress. Normal recliners have lever or swivel at their side which needs to be moved in a particular direction to recline the chair backwards. Power recliners have buttons for this purpose. They have inbuilt motors in them which work on the press of a button. It looks exactly like normal recliners on the outside, but when the button is pressed the chair lifts itself up and starts reclining backwards. Also at the same time, the leg rests also rises up in synchronization with the backrest. Power recliners also come with additional features such as massage system, heating system or a vibrating system, all of which are easily accessible through the press of buttons.


There are many different types of power recliners you can get according to your need. You can choose the right one according to your weight and height so that it fits you comfortably. On the basis of manufacturing, there are three types. Double position recliner, triple position and infinite position recliner. A double position recliner has a single motor only and can go into two positions. Triple can go into three different positions and is more comfortable. Infinite position recliners have multiple motors in them and are most versatile in nature.


Power recliners are most suitable for people who don’t have enough strength to turn the lever of a normal recliner. Power recliners are best for old people, people suffering from severe joint pain or people who just had surgery. The recliner assists them and makes it easy for them to sit comfortably and get down from it. They can be easily operated according to the personal comfort of a person.