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Factors to Consider before buying a  Vanity Sink

Factors to Consider before buying a Vanity Sink

If you a small space but lots of things then a bathroom vanity sink is the perfect thing for you. A vanity sink is the combination of a sink and the storage space beneath it. These type os sinks are becoming increasingly popular in the US and abroad because they offer some practical advantages that are worth mentioning here such as hiding of the extra pipelines and acting like furniture to improve the décor of the washroom. In addition to that, they provide tons of storage space for your hair dryers, bleaching formulas and much more. However, not every bathroom is made for a vanity and in this article, we will look at the important points to note down before installing a vanity.

Size of the bathroom:

The most important factor is that the size of the vanity should complement and be in line with the size of the bathroom as you don’t want the vanity to look completely out of shape and sorts.

Type of Vanity:

If your bathroom is susceptible to heavy traffic in the morning as it is the only bathroom, then you should install a double vanity. However, you should keep in mind the space factor in mind.


Mentioned above are just a couple of factors that need to be carefully weighed in if you have decided to install a vanity sink in your bathroom. The advantages of this sink are plenty, but it is important that you don’t degrade the aesthetics of the bathroom.