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Kitchen Ideas to How to Make Your
Kitchen  More Spacious

Kitchen Ideas to How to Make Your Kitchen  More Spacious

Kitchen ideas and designs are never ending topic in interior. It got lots of options ranging from low-cost to high price, and simple to elegant in style. You have to focus lots of areas when it now comes to improving the kitchen. You need to be specific about each accessory such as kitchen gadgets, baking cakes, kitchenware, lighting, storage, tiles, and cupboard. However, it is sufficient to focus on a certain area to improve an overall aesthetic sense of the kitchen.

Tiles: Selecting a floor material is one of the noteworthy features in kitchen ideas. You can choose it from ceramic, mosaic, kitchen mural, laminate, wood, marbles, stones and other variants. Make sure it withstands all kitchen pounding.

Wall color: Make small space into a large space using bright colors such as yellow or aquamarine. You can get a unique color by mixing more than two colors to suit your mood. Vivid colors are the best kitchen choice.

Big Window: Provide space for a big window when you planning kitchen. No lights are preferable to sunlight. A big window is essential for air circulation and prevents you from smoke, and unexpected fire accidents. Use mini blind in small kitchen to get air and light. Otherwise, use a contemporary light fixture to get maximum brightness.

Walls as Storage: Shelves and cabinets occupy more space in a kitchen. Hanging racks will give you better movability and it’s an important KITCHEN IDEAS to save more space.

Compact Equipment: There are lots of mini sizes equipment out there to help you save your time and energy. Get advance and smaller gadgets so you can keep it over the racks. For instance, a mini microwave


Coming to kitchen ideas, the sky is the limit. Use creativity to get most of the kitchen. Using proper kitchen ideas, even a small kitchen can turn into a massive kitchen.