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How to decorate dark laminate wood flooring.

How to decorate dark laminate wood flooring.

Oak, walnut, maple and hickory trees are the dark wood providers that dark laminate wood floorings seek to replicate. A dark laminate wood flooring aims to add depth and richness to your home interior. It is a sign of great beauty and value if you have dark laminate wooden flooring.

A crisp white washed wall gives contrast to the dark glossy wood panels and is a welcoming sight. In addition to this, light wood furnishing and rustic stone fireplace or a wrought iron furniture set and lighting fixtures with a stone fireplace gives a strikingly luxurious look. A house that needs to be brought in the 21st century is just a dark laminate wood floor away and you wouldn’t even guess that it’s not even true wood!

How to compliment your dark laminate floor?

  • White walls:

Walnut floors are the perfect balance between light and dark. This striking contrast will make the furniture stand out. Add a pale colored rug for a complete look and marvel at your decorating skills!

  • Wrought iron lighting fixtures:

Fill those bare walls with traditional wrought iron wall décor to give an exquisite detailing to the room. A decorative rustic wrought iron wall mirror is simply gorgeous paired with light wood furniture and dark flooring for an overall recent day look.

  • Light wood furnishing;

If you don’t like light wood furniture, it is a guarantee you will love it with a dark floor even if it is the only time you like, but that’s the whole point, making you love what you don’t even like otherwise! It will enhance the essence of the room without it appearing cold and stark. It feels like an echo of nature’s diverse variety of wood.

  • Stone fireplace:

While you like the idea of modern day wooden flooring and going with the trend but you can’t resist the warmth of a stone, you incorporate a stone fireplace on a dark laminate floor. This perfect duo is breathtakingly beautiful.

  • Dark wood exterior:

Worried because you might not be able to pair your exterior with your patio furnishing? An extravagant dark laminated patio with light wood rustic furniture is a sight to see!

  • A kitchen backsplash:

Give your kitchen a chic, modern look with dark laminate flooring without spending heaps of money on it and also protecting it from the after effects of excess moisture exposure by simply deflecting it.