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Bathroom vanities
  for small spaces

Bathroom vanities for small spaces

You want a stylish and yet fully functional bathroom that provides you comfort. One of the best ways to get style as well as functionality to the bathroom design is to use vanities. You can pick from a lot of designs that are available in the market or try your unique design to suit your tastes. You have a wide choice of modern designs for both large as well as small spaced bathrooms.

Vanities to improve small spaced bathrooms

You should pick the right vanities to make small spaced bathrooms appear large. Choosing vanity furniture that takes up too much space can further congest the already small bathroom. It is best to invest in contemporary bathroom vanities that fit into the small bathroom.

Choose the small vanities and sinks that your budget and space allow. You can have both sink and storage space for toiletries without any compromise. If there is inadequate space for a cabinet, you can choose corner piece which allows you to place a cabinet and place a sink on it.

Need for Proper planning

You require proper planning to utilize the space efficiently. You can plan for two or four small drawers to organize bathroom items like toothbrushes, soaps, etc. You can choose the modern bath vanities that have shelves under the drawers. It can increase the storage space.


Choice of the material is important since it should withstand the moisture and last long. You can go for stronger material like granite and marble even though wood is the most commonly used material for bathroom vanity furniture.