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Screened in porch Planning Tips

Screened in porch Planning Tips

Screened in porches are getting popular day by day. There are so many new ideas and new products in the market. People are simply going crazy as they have everything according to their needs and living standards. If you are planning for the screened in porch, below mentioned will surely help you.

Door Dynamics:

This includes the placement of the door, the type of the door etc. You need to make sure that no traffic will be blocked while deciding the placement of the door. You must also evaluate all the possible aspects of screening.


You must also consider the light. You need to know that the amount of light will be reduced with the screened porch. You must consider how much light do you want and plan accordingly.

Electrical needs:

You must also know how many fans or lights you are going to install in the porch. Some of you may be interested in installing a television or LCD as well. You need to know about wiring and so. Ask your electrician as well.

Porch materials:

There are different porch materials that may attract you. The choice of the material is definitely yours. You can go for any material as long as it is strong and durable.

Plan furnishing:

You must plan furnishing as well. You need to know what things and what size you want. You need to know the measurements for this purpose as well.

At last you need to make sure that you go for the best ceiling and consult a screened porch expert if needed.