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Car port buyers Guide

Car port buyers Guide

Every one of us must be fully aware of the importance of car ports. There are so many reasons why car ports are being used. The obvious reason and advantage is the protection of your motor vehicle. Before you buy carports, there are few things that should be considered.


  • Permit required or not: You must know whether you require a permit or not.
  • Purpose: Why you want to install car port?
  • Place: Where will you install it? Is there proper place?
  • Site preparations: What changes do you need to bring in order to prepare the place for installation of carport?
  • Type of installation: What type of installation are you looking for?

All such things and few more must be known in advance.

Roof system:

Once you are done with the above mentioned, the nest task is deciding a roof system. There are different roof styles and you must choose one according to your needs and desire. The most common roof systems are

  • Vertical roof
  • Boxed roof
  • Rectangular roof

These are just the shapes. You need to go the shape which attracts you the most or suits the design and look of your house.

Size of unit:

The size of the unit depends upon your need and purpose. The car ports are available in different sizes so that it is easier for the people to go with the one that is perfect according to their needs.

Other factors:

The other factors include the side walls, J trim, end walls etc.