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Tips to remember when purchasing a
handmade carpets

Tips to remember when purchasing a handmade carpets

Carpet weaving is the dominant culture of many Asian countries. The ancient Mesopotamians history talks about handmade carpets. It grants you the ideas that how old this culture was. A handmade carpet is always an excellent idea for kid’s room.

Persian rug

The current Iranian and surrounding, territories are called Persia in the ancient time. The countries where the carpets are weaved known as “Rug belt”. Every handmade carpet is the symbol of a particular tradition or a tribe and explains their history. It may be a lifestyle, rituals, ancient kings history, or other topics.

Isfahan carpets from 16th centuries are so popular for its designing and minute weaving work. They are so famous, some of the pieces have been kept in the world-renowned museum as their treasure. Every knitting centers as their pattern and traditional styles. Lots of tribes from various countries still using these carpets to full fill their needs.

How to choose:

Once you choose to buy handmade carpets take the measurement of your house. Select the color that should match other interior items and room color pattern. You either choose carpets for the entire room or a particular space. Handmade carpets are known for its high quality so doesn’t make a stupid decision to purchase a low-quality carpet. Every handmade carpet is using 100-percentage pure natural material from a breathing sleep. The quality of the carpets is determined by the number of knots to the square inch area of a rug. Minimum 450 knots are recommended for a quality handmade carpets and it can goes up to 750 knots.

Points to remember;

Here are some crucial points to remember before purchasing handmade carpets.

– Genuine carpets come from Persian territory and it means, Central Asia. Just look for the made in Turkey or Iran labels.

– Always look at the carpet backside. The backside design is visible to an eye in handmade carpets compare to machine-made carpets where the designs are not evident. The stack of these carpets is so high, so obviously, sellers try to cheat people when they buy one.

– You must know the difference between dead sheep and living sheep wool. Dead sheep wool gives you dull look compares to live wool that gives you a bright and warmth feeling. The knot is the easiest way to provide for the handmade carpets.

– Depending on your need pick a handmade carpets size, color, additional accessories, and whether you want one or two pieces.

It’s expensive material. But it’s worth a buy to home. Consider putting handmade carpets to your princess room, as they deserve the best.