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Few info on laminate floor tiles

Few info on laminate floor tiles

Laminate floor tiles are trending these days in whole world especially in US. People who do not want carpets in their homes are greatly using laminate floor tiles in replacement. There are plenty of reasons for not using carpets for example budget, maintenance and prevailing allergies. Dust particles and allergen get trap in fibers of fabric thus inducing and aggravating allergies.


Either you can hire an expert or even you can do this installation procedure by yourself since laminate floor tiles are easy to apply. Make sure that the surface on which you are placing your laminate floor tiles is tidy and even. Uneven surfaces result in unfinished looks. If you find any difference in level first try to smooth it by applying cement.

Then take the measurements of the place you need to install tiles. Ensure leaving ¼ inch margin from wall while measuring. This gap is left to ensure space for expansion gap. Precisely note the dimensions for door width and other spaces. Compare it with floor tiles if any trimming needed. Apply adhesive to the underlying surface.

When buying laminate floor tiles make sure to specify the surface on which you are laying laminate floor tiles. Different surfaces require different adhesives. Wood and concrete need require different adhesives for same laminate flooring. Apply laminate floor tiles side by side. As the planks normally fit in side by side automatically so it is pretty easy to get right alignment. For having finished looks apply wood quadrants to unattended ¼ gaps.

Laminate flooring as an inexpensive alternate to wooden flooring

Organic lovers always find wood to be their first and foremost choice. But it is not necessary that all organic lovers possess a money loaded baggage. Laminate flooring is an inexpensive alternate to such people. Now you can enrich your places with any of solid oak, pine and acacia wood look with laminate floor tiles. The texture and pattern is such intricately printed that it gives unrealistically real look.

Laminate floor tiles for bathrooms

You can revamp your bathroom by installing ravishing laminate floor tiles. Stone pattern and mosaics are in vogue along with the most demanded wooden laminate tiles. However make sure to provide proper underlay to avoid any seepage and growth of fungus. Although laminates offer water resistance but it really does not mean that you ignore standing water in bathrooms after kids have done their water play or bath.