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Installing laminate flooring underlay

Installing laminate flooring underlay

Laminate flooring has become very common and is now widely being used due to many reasons. It’s economical, durable and has many resistive properties. But before you install lamination on your floor you need underlayment. Laminate flooring underlay is material that is placed under the lamination to provide some extra properties.


Laminate is thin, if you live in apartments or not on the ground floor, then if you don’t install laminate floor underlay, you would be transmitting noise to the floors below. In order to add sound absorption properties to your floor you need underlayment.

Another reason why laminate floor underlay is important is that it provides cushioning, otherwise the floor would feel too hard when you walk on it. Underlay adds solidarity and strength to your lamination. It also prevents your lamination to be ruined by the underlying floor. It will also provide insulation. Some types of underlayment absorb moisture.


The type of underlay you need depends upon the environment you live in. if you live in a place where there is a lot of noise then noise reduction should be your major concern while choosing underlay or if you live in a damp area and there is a possibility that the moisture can ruin your lamination then choose an underlay that is moisture absorbent. Another factor to consider is the type of floor surface you have under your lamination.

Foam laminate underlay

These are most commonly used for laminate flooring. They range in width from about 3mm to 6mm thick. They come in sheets that are available in different lengths. Foam underlay is also very easy to install. The best properties of this underlay is that it absorbs moisture, which is ideal for bathroom floors or if you live in a humid area. It also has shock absorbing properties and provides thermal insulation.

Cork laminate underlay

Cork underlay is very durable and lasts very long. It is environment friendly and acts as an insulator for both heat and sound and absorbs moisture. Apart from that is also anti-bacterial. They come in different thicknesses. They are harder to install than foam underlayment.

Plywood laminate underlay

Plywood laminate underlay is also widely used. It is very useful if you have a very rough underlying floor. It can provide extra smoothness and strength to the lamination and good heat insulation as well.