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Exquisite curtain design to impress

Exquisite curtain design to impress

Each element in the room plays an important role to exaggerate its beauty. Curtains being an essential detail not only helps create a pleasant atmosphere but even contributes to home decor. A curtain wisely used can even make the room appear huge both terms of length and breath. Patterns work to create an illusion; therefore, the design of a curtain needs to wisely chosen.

Styles for each room

Curtains are to be hanged in each room be it a drawing room or a kitchen but the style used for each room may certainly vary. An individual would preferably not use a similar design for both kitchen and drawing room. A lot many curtain designs are available today for the convenience of each room.

Tab Top: These are ready to install curtains. Where others require pin and ring that serve to hang the curtain, this has readymade loops at the top enabling the passage through rod. This thus does not involve the cumbersome process of every time fastening the ring when it falls off.

Valances: These are short curtains either hung on small window areas or along a complementing full length curtain. These can be available in various styles categorized as pleated valances, tie-up valances and ruffled valances along with many others.

Sheer: Maximum light is transmitted through these curtains yet maintaining privacy. Unlike others, that tend to block daylight, sheers work best to serve the purpose of obtaining maximum light. Mostly preferred in white and off-light these are weaved with a combination of 8 materials.