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A guide to buying the right persian
carpets and rugs

A guide to buying the right persian carpets and rugs

Persian carpets and rugs are considered to be a very popular choice for home décor. They are the authentic representation of the true ancient Persian culture and art. The genuine and most authentic Persian carpets are the ones that are made in Iran. Sometimes you also find such carpets that are manufactured in other countries like China, Turkey, Pakistan and India but you have to keep in mind that if you want to buy the authentic Persian stuff, you have to insist on something that is made in Iran.

These exquisite carpets and rugs are greatly demanded in every part of the world due to their beautiful finish and attractive appeal. Iran earns a good deal of their revenue by producing such high quality pieces which are exported all around the world. The authentic Persian rugs and carpets are very unique and eye catching because of the effort that is indulged in carving out such a beautiful piece of creativity. That’s the reason why they are very expensive and have the ability to add up a bit of luxury to your workplace or your home. Before you start looking for a Persian rug or carpet, you have to have some basic knowledge about them. Otherwise you might end up buying a fake.

It is hard to tell if the carpet is authentic or not

It is very important that you know the basics of original rugs and carpets before you start looking for them. As discussed above, the first to look for is whether they are made in Iran or not. There are some other things that you need to know as well. Some of them are discussed below.

Persian stuff is handmade

Authentic Persian carpets and rugs are made up of kurk wool or natural silk. The important part is that they are handmade and there isn’t any work done by a machine ever. Moreover, the colors used are also extracted from natural substances.

Every piece is unique

Since they are not mass produced in a machine, every individual piece of Persian rugs and carpets has a design that is different from the others.

Get a certificate of authenticity

Persian rugs and carpets are expensive and you might want to sell them in the future. So it is highly recommended to get a certificate of authenticity from the buyer in order to have a proof that your piece is authentic Persian stuff.