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Indoor Herb Garden to Beautify Your Home

Indoor Herb Garden to Beautify Your Home

A house with a sprawling manicured garden is everybody’s dream. If not the entire dream, we can make a part of it come true with at least a small indoor garden. Herbs are synonymous with health, especially so if they are home grown. Many hesitate to even think of attempting to have a garden in the house. Their ruse- “lack of space”. Now there are interesting new ways of having an indoor herb garden with very little space.

Garden for all spaces

It is possible to create garden space by being a little resourceful. Not having “enough” space can no longer be an excuse especially so with the new gardening trends and techniques. You can create an elevated or a layered garden, or a vertical garden or a hanging garden! Herbs are relatively easy to grow and do not occupy much space. Growing these herbs at home will not only provide fresh ingredients for your cooking, but they will  add beauty and aroma to your surroundings as well.

Go vertical

Vertical gardening is the latest trend. This does not require complicated equipment. You can even use those old Pepsi or Coke bottles. Just fill them with soil free potting mix, sow the seeds, hang them on the wall and you are set to enjoy your home grown beauties!  Your window sills can turn into delightful little gardens. Old bottles and jars can be lined up with the herbs planted in them. Hang the planters along the window for a breathtaking hanging garden!    Boring old corners, provided they receive enough sunlight, can be turned into interesting green spots by installing elevated or spiraling plant beds.

What to grow?

Most herbs grow well indoors. Herbs like mint, coriander, fennel, fenugreek, thyme, basil, parsley, rosemary, oregano etc can be easily grown indoors- just ensure they get a little sunlight to bask in.