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Here You Go with Some Great Baby
Girl  Nursery Ideas

Here You Go with Some Great Baby Girl  Nursery Ideas

Hurry you moms-to-be, here are many fanciful ideas to design your baby girl’s nursery. With a wide choice of options available in the market for you to buy and many others that you make at home, the baby girl nursery ideas never cease. Before the excitement takes you to a new level of enthusiasm, pause for a minute and consider one point first. Little babies are highly sensitive to the environment hazardous. The chemicals used in certain fabrics, rugs and wood paints are harsh for their breathing system. To keep the baby nursery clean from the direct effect of chemicals, prepare your nursery with material that is safe and clean from the harsh chemicals. Choose soft cotton fabrics for almost all the upholstery and get the crib made of hardwood painted not less than four months before you use it for your baby.
Choosing Fun Items for the Nursery
Cushions are a necessary item for the couch. Make them with lovely shapes like a heart, the face of a monkey, a flower or just different geometrical shapes. Hanging lovely pictures of little children and colorful animals all around the nursery gives the child a happy feeling from the start of his life. Get a pink heart shaped rug to place it on the ground next to the crib. Keep the fabric colors and furniture theme matching and light colored. Choose round cornered couch in the nursery and cover it with nursery designed fabric. The fabric that you use for crib bedding cover can be used to make the quilt cover, curtains, couch cover and cushion covers. This gives harmony among the items in the nursery. Paint the closet, chest of drawer with light colors. This keeps the environment bright and lively. A small lamp on the shelf and a vase full of pink and white roses looks classy in the room.
A Collection of Toys
Your baby girl nursery ideas must have a good collection of toys. Buy those toys that are made of soft rubber or smooth plastic without sharp edges. The colors of these toys are often bright and they are attractive for a kid. Get a mobile too to hang a few chosen toys with it over the crib. But do not leave the stuffed toys inside the crib next to your baby as it is not safe for her. You can buy one or two stuffed dolls and hang them against the wall over the crib. Choose one bigger and other smaller and hang them with a slight distance; one a bit at above and the other a bit down. Getting some glass beads to decorate the wall over the shelf with lamp is a brilliant idea. At night the illuminated lamp sheds the light on the beads that will reflect the bright rainbow colors in the environment.