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Modern life with old wood furniture

Modern life with old wood furniture

Wood furniture is the most elegant type of furniture we have. With time our furniture has become less wooden and more furnished with cloths, foams and cushions. Now a day in our furniture we can hardly see the wooden  part, while wooden part is one of the most important parts of the furniture.

Not only the wood helps in holding the furniture off the ground, but also forms the basic structure and outline of the furniture. Furthermore, the wood itself looks very graceful if it is well polished and maintained, but the trend has changed over the years.

In U.S wooden furniture is often a little more expensive than less wooden or artificially chipped furniture which does not contain much wood. Although the main reason for a pure wood made furniture being switched with artificial wood made furniture is because many oppose the cutting down of woods. Many criticize it because they want  to save the trees, arguing that if furniture can be made with very less or no wood, then why not?

Wooden furniture gives a very decent look to the house, but it must be maintained. It must be polished a few times in a year with a specific wood polish which can make it new but requires a few days to dry. Cleaning with wet cloth on a daily basis is also very important to make sure it keeps shining.

Wood furniture should be kept under a cloth for covering so that it can look new for longer and cushions should be carefully matched with the wood color.