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An overview of laminate hardwood flooring

An overview of laminate hardwood flooring

There are several options that may be opted when it comes to flooring solutions for a house. Laminate hardwood flooring is one of them. It is a very popular choice these days as it delivers the same look as that delivered by actual hardwood flooring but the price range is very low. It looks exactly like hardwood but it isn’t made up using solid wood.

Sometimes it is also referred to as engineered hardwood as it is manufactured using a blend of different materials which are bonded together in the presence of a high level of pressure. A fine manufacturing technique is used that leads the end product to something very comfortable to step on. You almost get a feeling that you are floating over its surface. That’s the reason why laminate hardwood flooring is often called as floating floor.

The installation process

The process of installing the laminate flooring is very convenient and simple. You can easily learn the laying procedure and even do it on your own. Laminate flooring can be used in almost any room of the house but it isn’t recommended in a room where excessive moisture is involved like kitchens, mudrooms, bathrooms, etc. This is due to the reason that extra amount of dampness may damage the surface of the flooring and you might have to replace a couple of planks every now and then.


Just like that fact that it is very easy to install in comparison to actual hardwood, there are many other advantages as well that greatly overweigh laminate hardwood flooring to actual wooden flooring. First of all there is a big difference in the price tag. You can buy laminate flooring by paying almost half the amount that you were meant to pay for wooden flooring.

Moreover, it does not require any finishing or refinishing and the installation procedure is way too simple. You do not need to nail it down to the base of the floor. An adhesive material can do just fine for you. In addition to this, laminate flooring can be installed on any type of surface including vinyl, wood, concrete, etc. This type of freedom is not available with wooden flooring.

Cautions to take while using it over heated floors

In case you want to install laminate flooring over a radiant heated floor, you need to be extra cautious. It is recommended to hire a professional for this job but if you want to do it on your own, you need to carefully go through the instruction manual.