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Dining room design ideas

Dining room design ideas

There are many different styles of furnishing for your dining room design, ranging from more classical to some more unusual. Different concept of design are discussed below:

Country style dining room design

For this dining room design the furniture is traditional, with big wooden tables and chairs, long white curtains.

The colors are neutral, nothing too dark or light, add some floral prints here and there and you have yourself the perfect country style dining room.

Modern style dining room design

This style is minimalist, it focuses on the materials and shapes of the furniture.

Start by choosing some prints to put on your walls, an elegant black table with black eco-chairs.

It’s important not to mix too many styles, the average tone should be kept simple and sophisticated.

Eclectic style dining room design

Eclectic does not mean random, so even in case you choose this dining room design, you should stick to few statement pieces, like unusual colors tables, peculiar materials and print, maybe some animal prints. Paint the walls in bright colors to add more shock.

With this style, though less is always more, you have more creative range and you can almost do no wrong!

Scandinavian style dining room design

This dining room design is a sophisticated mixture of the first one listed.

It’s minimalistic, as it has a few statement pieces and the average color tone is neutral, yet it’s warmed up by selecting wooden furniture, which give a simple and cozy vibe.