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Things to consider while buying changing

Things to consider while buying changing tables

Changing tables are a part of nursery set. The changing table is special tables designed for a person to allow him/her to change the diaper of another person, mostly babies. The changing tables are used by those mothers who have to change their baby’s diaper after regular intervals of time. Changing tables are primarily made of wood material like pine or oak.

Changing tables are an investment not the expenditure for your baby. There are some important factors that should be considered while buying a changing table.


First of all the durability of the table must be checked thoroughly. Make sure that the will not be damaged instantaneously.

Weight Resistant

The changing table must be able to carry the weight of the baby easily. The weight limit of changing tables ranges from 25 to 30 pounds.

Proper storage place

The changing tables must have proper storage place because diapers and other baby items need to be stored so it should have plenty of drawers.

Small and Adjustable

The changing tables must be small and compact so that they don’t take up more space of the room. The tables must be easily adjustable in corners to use the empty spaces.

Safety Straps

Safety of the baby is your first priority. So always choose a changing table that has straps, which will safeguard your baby while you are changing his/her diapers.

Guard Rails

Every changing table has about 2 1nches high guard rails on its top. So it should be noted that guard rails are perfectly intact and strong.