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Turkish oushak rugs

Turkish oushak rugs

Antique Turkish Oushak rugs are named after a city by the same name in Turkey which was a major rug production center during the reign of the Ottomans. They are the examples of early Turkish weaving during the Ottoman Empire. In the modern times they are used as antique decorative rugs.


Oushak rugs from Turkey are beautiful and unique. They are sophisticated and blend in well in the modern houses especially in the West because the weavers of Turkey have created a very unique style of such rugs. They are available in central medallion designs, patterns of small allover medallions, palmettes, scattered sprays of vine scrolls etc. The Ghiordes knot and angular designs give a certain primitive look which is appealing in its own way. The ornamental medallions are designed in a straight manner and woven in a unique palette such as pastels and Mediterranean influenced colours.


Oushak rugs have found favour with many top interior decorators of the world today. The antique Turkish rugs are woven with large scale patterns. The colour of these rugs is lighter and desirable which also makes them very popular. These are perfect examples of vintage rugs with many beautiful designs and soft colours which makes them popular among the connoisseurs of antique designs and lovers of old world charm. They are perfect for interior decoration with their large sale patterns and beautiful colouration.


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These were some of the types of Turkish antique oushak rugs available in the market.