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Few info on shaw carpet tile

Few info on shaw carpet tile

Carpet tile may sound something new to you. It is in fact a modern and unique replacement of conventional carpet rolls. They are so easy to apply that mostly people are able to place carpet tiles by themselves by following instructions. Carpet tiles are also known as carpet squares and modular carpet. One such renowned name in carpet tile industry is Shaw carpet tile which is the name of class.

Creating novelty with Shaw carpet tile

If style is your desire and you want to inculcate style in every inch of a place whether office, home, education centre or healthcare centre Shaw carpet tile can do wonders for you. Not only your place will be embedded with design and elegance but it will be floored with good quality carpet tiles which will be long lasting.

Whenever you are trying to create distinctive look for your place always imagine what the resultant look of room will come when putting many pieces together on floor. Many people lack this judgment; they are unable to portray the final picture of place in their mind by looking at just one sample tile.

Backing material for carpet tiles

You are provided with bundles of option to choose a backing material for your carpet tile including urethane, woven propylene, vinyl and fiberglass. Backing of carpet tiling is done to ensure strength and durability so that it can withstand moisture conditions. Typical carpets are usually not backed up by any material.


Care should be taken while making the purchase. Ensure that carpet tiles covered warranty for some coming years. Warranty must encompass shrinking, buckling and curling eventualities.

Carpet tile is an excellent flooring for places subject to children traffic as it is relatively easy clean the stain from carpet tiles rather than original carpets but make sure to claim warranty if any impairment to tiles take place because it may prove hazardous to young kids.

If you are planning for carpet tiles keep in mind that although they are easier to install, convenient to clean, can be applied to any surface and available with diverse range of patterns and designs it also owes some drawbacks. Carpet tiles don’t give fine and crisp look like carpet rolls. The continuity of design misses when the seams are visible. They may also be a burden on your pocket since they are relatively expensive than carpet rolls.