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The exotic tiger wood flooring

The exotic tiger wood flooring

True to its name, Tiger wood is as exotic as the awe inspiring feline. Just like the tiger, it has a deep reddish orange background with dark vein striping which lends a dramatic appearance to the hardwood.

Exotic Splendor

Tigerwood is obtained from evergreen varieties from the tropical or subtropical regions. It goes by various names-Brazilian koa, Congowood, African walnut, Coubaril, Zorrowood etc, to name a few. They are all different species of the exotic Coula edulis tree found in the tropical western Africa, Latin America, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay, all featuring the same dramatic grain pattern, albeit colored differently.

Salient features

Tigerwood is very dense and heavy and is best known for its exotic beautiful grain and wide range of dramatic colours.  The grains are wavy, interlocked and irregular. The colours range from a deep reddish brown to a light orangey tan. The stripes range from fine lines to very bold strokes. It has a lustrous oily surface. The flooring darkens dramatically from pink to a deep red in color when exposed to sunlight and gradually darkens over time. With prolonged exposure to sunlight, the wood acquires an exotic sheen with distinctive and accentuated grain patterns.


Tigerwood is considered as a very durable and exotic option for flooring. It is very hard and sturdy and is highly resistant to decay and insect attack .Tiger wood air dries well and resists shrinkage and movement after drying. Owing to its dimensional stability and resistance to twisting and warping, it is considered to be an ideal flooring material. It resists denting and traffic wear very well. Its sturdy quality makes it suitable for external use also.


Although very hard, Tigerwood is not considered difficult to work with, either with hand tools or power tools. It holds screws, glues and stains very well. It can be polished to a very attractive lustrous finish. The edges of the cutting tools might wear out easily on account of the hardness of the wood. Pre-drilling would help to a very large extent while using screws and nails on Tigerwood. Owing to its hardness of this exotic wood, sanding could be a bit of a problem making it a necessity to use the services of a professional.


Tigerwood is considered as an ideal flooring option in medium and high-end commercial and residential structures. It is versatile enough to be used in both rustic and contemporary edifices to make an exotic and dramatic statement.