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Ornamental Kitchen Garden

Ornamental Kitchen Garden

Kitchen garden is a place separate from the rest of the house but just adjacent to the kitchen. It is also called potager in French. We can say that a kitchen garden is the best source of vegetables for your daily cooking. Most of the kitchen gardens are a miniature version of old family farm plots.


The kitchen garden is a best source of herbs, vegetables and fruits. While cooking you can get fresh vegetables from your kitchen garden.


The French term of an ornamental vegetable or kitchen garden is called potager garden. Here the herbs and vegetables are grown along with flowers to make the garden more beautiful. Basically kitchen garden is designed to get healthy food, you can get fresh vegetables which are grown by your hands. Besides vegetables, flowers and herbs for your house decoration are also taken from there.


These are made to grow special vegetables and other plants that are useful for human health. Here vegetables are grown just for domestic use so we can say that it is a small form of vegetable growing farm. In a kitchen garden small sized plots or divided area is assigned to specific vegetables or herb. The kitchen garden is situated at the back side of the house.


To grow a particular type of herb, we use small pots or specified area in a kitchen garden. These kitchen herb garden are sometimes functional as well as ornamental.  Herbs from your kitchen garden are used to flavor your food and also used in the production of medicines.

The best utility of these kitchen garden is to flourish greenery. One must get advantage from this mini farm and stay healthy.