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An overview of stepping stones

An overview of stepping stones

Stepping stones are a few stones that are arranged in order to establish a cause way or bridge to let a pedestrian cross a pond or natural water course. Stepping stones are also used in gardens where there is a course of water between different stones. They are also known as step stones. Unlike the rest of the bridges, stepping stones do not have any spans.

They are considered to be the oldest type of bridges including log bridges and have been in use by people for centuries. In hilly areas where there are streams of water, these bridges are built by hikers and the locals. As a result of consistent flow of fast water, these stones get disarranged.

Stepping stones are a very good option to be adapted for decorative purposes. You may use them in your garden in order to beautify it a bit. It does not require a lot of money. You just have to find the rightly sized stones and you can put them through a continuous stream of water to get a small bridge.

You may also place these stones through out your lawn in order to avoid the water to touch your feet when you are watering the grass in the lawn. Stepping stones are greatly in fashion these days. If you have a modern house, placing this set of stones can add up to the beauty of your lawn and enhance the overall décor and impression of your house.