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An overview of sun rooms

An overview of sun rooms

A sunroom is a room or an individual structure that is integrated or attached along with a building like an office, restaurant or a home allowing you to enjoy the landscape surroundings while having an isolation or shelter from the adverse outside climatic conditions. Sun room has many other names including winter garden, garden conservatory, florida room, patio room, sun lounge, sun porch or sun parlor. Such types of rooms are very popular in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Europe and the United States of America.

Sun rooms are normally built in the garden or back yard of the building where there is a beautiful ambience in the surroundings. A high quality tempered glass is used for the walls as well as the roof. They are also framed using PVC, aluminum or wood and all the sides are glazed. In order to address the issue of privacy, the glass is tinted by frosting or making use of breeze block.

Some of the sun rooms are established and designed in such a way that they exploit a beautiful scenic view while others are created in order to collect sunlight for the purpose of light and warmth. Such type of sun rooms are known as solariums and are usually found where the altitudes are higher and the angle of the sun is lower.

Sun rooms are very nice options for a bar or a restaurant as well. If you own a business, you may create a sun room as a VIP lounge.